Barry band

Lead Guitar / Vocalist – BJ Taylor has been on the national circuit for many years. He has fronted a variety of bands inc ‘Hamilton’s Power’ and the chart band ‘Union Gap UK’. He has also worked with Honey Bus, who had chart success with ’I can’t let Maggie Go’ and ‘ Ricky Valance’ who was famous for ‘Tell Laura I love her’. He also had a stint with Mike Sheridan a well known musician who is still on the circuit today! BJ is an amazing guitarist. Seeing is believing!

Steve Band

Guitar/ Vocal – Dusty Roads. Barry and Dusty have known each other since they were kids, and performed in various bands together for many years. Dusty has played with numerous bands including New Phase, Blaze, Perfect Remedy, Threepenny Bit, Union Gap UK, Mike Sheridan’s Nightriders and Brumbeat. During his time with Brumbeat and Threepenny Bit he performed on the professional circuit for many years and has been on the same bills as many of the top chart bands from the 60’s and 70’s. After a short break, but still playing the odd gig, he stood in with “Taylor and Co” for a while and then was asked to join. The rest is history!

Ken Band

Bass Guitar / Vocal – Al.  As a former  member of Communication, Al appeared on the same bill with many of the original 60’s Bands inc The Nashville Teens, The Tremeloes, The Searchers and many more. Al then retired from the Rock n Roll life style. A whole decade flew by before realising rock most certainly wasn’t dead, which led him to joining the band ‘Kisum’ and currently, ‘Taylor and Co’



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