Taylor and Co’ are living proof that talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ever-demanding music industry. What else would explain Singer BJ Taylor’s blossoming career spanning over 40 years that has found over 4000 national shows and tours, and a large fan base. 


Al played in a band in the late 60’s called Communication. They supported many well-known acts. The Searchers, The Tremeloes, The Nashville Teens and The Foundations, to name just a few. They reformed in 2005 and played for 6 years as ‘Magnet The Band’, a 60’s tribute band. Due to illness of one of the members of the band BJ Taylor was asked to help out. BJ added a new dimension to the band with his amazing guitar playing and powerful vocals so, in a moment of madness, and further discussions, BJ joined the band as a permanent member.

After a few years, ‘Magnet The Band’ decided to call it a day as two of the members decided to retire. After more discussion a new band was formed – this was the birth of ‘Taylor and Co’, with BJ fronting the band.

Today Taylor and Co are made up of 4 experienced musicians  playing classic covers from the 60’s and 70’s  recognised and enjoyed by all age groups. The difference between ‘Taylor and Co’ and other similar bands is their unwavering dedication to “do the job right” work ethic that has created a signature sound unrivalled by any other similar band. “Professionalism and attention to detail are paramount prerequisites “if you want to be in this band!” said BJ! But more importantly, the band entertain at every single gig they perform at. Whether it be a pub, club, wedding or hotel function. The same attention to detail is applied and the band perform regular standing ovations!

Come along and see Taylor and Co perform at a gig near you – You won’t be disappointed!


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